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SSS day 28

Self-Stitched September, day 28. One of my favorite things about this challenge has been all the styling and sewing inspiration I’ve gleaned from the SSS Flickr group—things I never would have thought to make are rapidly hopping up my queue. In particular, I’ve been super-inspired by items with interesting shapes, sometimes much squarer than I’d think to make for myself. 

I don’t have many pieces like that, though I’m itching to make some now for Fall. In the meantime, I’m wearing one of Terry’s shirts. This is one of what feels like millions of Colette Negroni shirts I’ve made for him—this one is in a mid-weight chambray that is fading prettily with washing. I’ve made one in a heavy plaid shirting, too; one in black cotton voile; one in striped linen; and one in seersucker. It’s a great casual men’s shirt pattern.

Sweet divot pockets:

All that said, I don’t really know how I feel about this outfit on me. I thought it would be hip and cute, but I sort of just feel like I didn’t make it home last night. Maybe I should sling the belt looser?

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