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SSS day 30

Self-Stitched September, day 30. We did it, through four cities, a photo shoot, a season’s TV taping, and two mini vacations. Today I’m wearing a wool dress I made a long time ago from Simplicity 3673—it was the second thing I made after my Burda shirtdress, and probably the first thing I made that I really loved. It fulfilled the promise of making my own clothes for me—I know I could not buy the same dress for anything close to the raw cost of the materials. The material is beautiful, I fitted it carefully, I sewed it slowly and without shortcuts (and added a full lining), and I feel like a million bucks in it. Win!

I have loved this experiment. I’d never really sat down and thought about my me-made wardrobe before—I just sort of made things willy-nilly as they caught my interest. But this month has taught me to be more intentional about what I make, own, and wear—I don’t need to have lots of clothes, just enough clothes that I feel good in and find beautiful, ethical, well-meant and well-made. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about what is flattering on me and what shapes make me look like a potato sack. And I’m more determined than ever to bring some color into my wardrobe. 

This challenge has been so inspiring: I love seeing how people are wearing their self-stitched items, and thinking about how to translate my own pile of me-made things into an actual living closet. Self-stitched daily, anyone?

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