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string quilt

I have been patiently working away on a string quilt for the last few months.

It’s seriously scrappy—it contains 29 different fabrics, mostly bits and bobs left over from other projects. The colors are mostly spicy oranges, pinks, and yellows, with the occasional blue or green for a little relief. The center strips are a cool, steely gray solid.

I quilted it in straight-ish lines across the horizontal only, at about 3/4” intervals. My straight line quilting is improving—let the foot do the work, I don’t know why I still have such a hard time with that—but it’s a long, long way from perfect. I still get major drag lines from line to line, though a washing evened most of that out into overall pucker.

The back is pieced from an off-white solid, with an insertion of all my leftover strings pieced together. I had literally two strings left over after this project; nothing I’ve ever made has ever enabled my MUST SAVE AND USE EVERY BIT obsession quite so badly. 

Another first—I made a label.

I really like this one. Its spicy, cheerful colors are pretty entertaining to look at. It’s light and warm and snuggly. It has a lot of work and good thoughts in it.

I used this tutorial from Film in the Fridge to make my blocks. My center strip of gray finished at 1” wide, and I cut my strings from 3/4” wide to 2 1/2” wide. The blocks finished 6 1/2” wide, and the whole shebang is 52” x 65”—the biggest quilt I’ve made so far.

Hooray for string quilts!

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