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sss day 2

Self-Stitched September, Day 2—this is Burda 2-2011-120B, a short skirt with single welt pockets and a front pleat. I juuuuuust barely squeezed it out of a yard or so of fantastic black and cream ikat Marilyn brought to my fabric swap.

When I first finished it a couple weeks ago, I was a little disappointed—a pleat that goes all the way up to the waist (and no waistband) is a little strange. But I’ve come around to liking it…I think. 

Things I did: I had to piece the waistband because I used up a lot of fabric matching the plaid. I lapped my back zip instead of using an invisible one. And I gave up on Burda’s mysterious welt pocket instructions and just did what one of my sewing books told me to do (omg, welt pockets, how much do I love you?). 

Things I wish I’d done: I hemmed this in sort of a funky way; I do have a pinmarker which works fantastically to keep hems even, but I always think it looks a little odd when a hem doesn’t follow strong horizontal patterns, so I more or less just worked off those. I think this is just something I need to get over and redo so my hem doesn’t dip in front and ride up in back.

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