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SSS Day 8

Finally warm and sunny again!

This is Burda 01-2011-102, a 30s inspired blouse with interesting flutter sleeves set into a square armscye and attatched to a shoulder yoke. This style is such a departure for me—I hardly ever wear prints, and I never wear stuff this frilly. I made it back in May to make use of a little scrap of vintage silk crepe I scored for $3 down at Mama Said Sew; it’s squeezed out of just under a yard of fabric, along with some linen scraps for the fabric-covered buttons.

I ended up liking this a lot, and certainly a lot more than I expected to—it’s pretty, comfortable, and cool. This is probably the first thing I made where I really put some thought into making it look good on my own body—I raised the waist an inch and narrowed the back to make sure that it outlined what little waist definition I have (I totally look like a ship in full sail if fluttery stuff like this doesn’t fit just right). I think it’s a fun piece, and wear it occasionally-to-frequently.

Plus, I feel a compulsion to put my hair into a victory roll whenever I wear it, so there’s that.

PS—I am totally wearing this with jeans so tight that I have a bad feeling they cross over into jegging territory. I wish I could remember what I was thinking when I bought them—that they’d break in eventually? That I was going to lose some weight? I have no idea. They were expensive, so I feel like I need to keep trying with them…but I can’t wait until I get an edgestitch foot and can make some jeans that actually fit my hips without squeezing my waist or legs like overstuffed kielbasas.

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